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PasDiff Pro

Syntax oriented diff tools for Delphi Pascal. Compare two source file and report all changes. Detect changes in class declaration (fields, properties, methods); global procedures, variables and constants.

PasDiff Pro insensitive to change comments, cases and reformat sources (add/remove spaces or/and empty lines). Special "merge" mode allow unite different version of source code into single file.

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High efficient dynamic hash table with tree organization.

The existing implementations of hash-tables have the important disadvantage - fixed size. As a corollary, if the table is filled more than 90 % search and insert operation become very slow. HashTrie represents new efficient data structure. It combines in herself properties of the hash-tables and trie (digital-trees). As against the usual hash-tables the size HashTrie is not fixed, that allows to work with a unknown beforehand amount of datas.

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High efficient Data Compression Library for use with Delphi. Support different compression algorithms: Rank, ZIP, BZIP and PPM.


  • Compression ratio more than 1.5-2 times better than ZIP/RAR archiver.
  • Compression speed up to 10 Mb/sec (on PIII-800).
  • Easy using as TStream descendant
  • Built in data integrity check
  • All library code is thread-safe (can be work in multithread application)

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True random number generator for Delphi and C++ Builder. Usually use for generate session keys in cryptography software.

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