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Bullet-Proof Software Protection

Do you worry about your software product security and its license authorized use? Are you looking for a really strong, time and user tested unbreakable protection for your author's rights and intellectual property? Having developed and launched your software product release on the market, you are in risk of:

Cracks: program code modifications (unauthorized changes of your program)
KeyGens: invention of program for serial numbers generation for unauthorized activation of your software
Stolen serial number: product can be purchased with a stolen credit card and even its valid serial number can become available to public. This way software companies lose millions of dollars of their revenues every year!
Unauthorized use: Purchased with single-user copy license it would be used in many computers out of control

Our software protection and licensing system provides the best way for you to stop cracks, piracy and illegal use of your applications, to protect your business and maximize your sales and revenues.

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Fuzzy Text

It's not just only full-text search tasks solution. The primary advantage of the Textolution technology is the possibility to search and retrieve awkward text containing errors using approximate string matching and "fuzzy search". It allows to find a pattern in a text, while the pattern and the text may have "errors" and mismatches. Including advanced and flexible full-text-search and indexing system this technique provides advanced fast text search applicable to huge volume text documents, files, directories, information stores, different kinds of databases, Internet and Intranet networks. While the search query can contain different errors as typing mismatches or/and scanning and text recognition errors etc. the system will retrieve the alternative, most relevant as well as exact results.

Our development components and libraries are suitable for integration into application projects related to text processing tasks, information retrieval and indexing in various areas as databases, file and text search utilities, engines, software components and modules programming, development of work flow and electronic document management systems, enterprise software solutions and corporate systems.

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